A TimberBee

It is a company that provides services and manufactures and sells products for beekeeping, forest and sustainability.

What does that mean?

  • provided services in the beekeeping area, organic farming, sustainable construction, agroforestry and permaculture;
  • That designs and manufactures beehives and many other accessories to be used in the noble activity of taking care of the most important pollinating insects on Earth;
  • Represents, in Portugal, the renowned Swedish brand Logosol portable sawmills and equipment for woodworking and forestry work;
  • The design and manufacture products that allow you, to and, seize the Earth energy, reduce your environmental impact and save money.

The Mission of TimberBee

Create quality products, causing no or minimal impact environment; be an example of social and environmental responsibility; contribute to personal fulfillment and the quality of life of its stakeholders.

The reason for being of TimberBee

Imagine a company that, Contrary to normal, instead of causing a negative impact on the planet, produces a positive balance - this company can have a positive impact on the planet! It is this company that aims to be TimberBee. It is to get there we work.

As we want to keep us in this business for many years to come, and contribute to leaving a habitable planet to those who are yet to come, We seek inspiration in nature, that has remained on Earth over millions of years, and that nothing is superfluous, everything has its functions, and continually renews and regenerates. Like this, as a company that claims to be regenerative, TimberBee is inspired by the ethics of permaculture – Earth care; Take care of people; Fair sharing of resources - and takes as its objective to actively contribute to the regeneration of ecosystems and the community in which it operates, while providing quality of life for its entrepreneurs, willing to change status quo.

Principles of TimberBee

Some of the principles TimberBee, based on ethical principles of Permaculture, are:

1. Investing only in Regenerative Goods

Each acquisition the company is to contribute to generate income, and should allow to generate more power than was needed to create.

2. Take our role of responsibility in the Community

We are part of a community and, unlike the company that sucks the economic power of the community where it is located, to the channel for a headquarters located elsewhere, TimberBee aims, the most possible, recycle economic energy back to the community where it belongs, fueling locally, hiring local workers labor, and supporting community projects. That way, all win!

3. Cooperation not competition

The competition can be an excellent catalyst for a business, but why compete stupidly if we can join forces, to collaborate, and remove income for all parties involved?

4. competing construtivamente

The competition is a necessary part of the business year. Constructive competition is a force, to good use, can propel people to its maximum efficiency.

5. Durable produce products and provide quality services

Services and quality products, durable, to avoid having to be replaced prematurely, and ability to generate income and more energy than it took to create the, are, themselves, regenerative, and prevent production of new.

6. Focus on improving the People, or Planet, and Income.

In this order

Values ​​of the TimberBee

  • Respect for people;
  • Respect for living beings;
  • Respect the Earth;
  • Transparency;
  • Cooperation.

And why not freedom, happiness, fulfillment and personal development, fair sharing of resources, work, of income?

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