Colmeia Revesível com 3 alças e telhado metálico

Reversible handle to hive


Build a reversible handle TimberBee!

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Product description

The nest and the reversible handle hive have the same size and may be interchangeable with each other. The nest has 10 frames. the handles, depending on the preference of the beekeeper, They can be equipped with 10, 9 or 8 frames.

The nest Reversible TimberBee comes equipped with support wings, brand image TimberBee.

Support wings that equip our handles make them much more convenient and easy to handle. The improved ergonomic handle this improves the beekeeper body position during transport and reduce muscle tension in shoulders and the pressure column. The angled ends of the support wings of the straps are not limited TimberBee, only, the rain water away from the honeycomb walls - are excellent support which allows the hive or grab handle more firmly and comfortably, pulling it against the body. That way, we handle for safe 4 points of contact and pressure, in yours 4 corners. The wings fitted to TimberBee handles allow, still, The use of manual lifts, saving, further, The column beekeeper. These lifts are extremely useful when we want to put new handles under existing. The wings fitted to Timberbee handles are fixed two different heights (A and B model), as with hives, allowing overlapping the wings of adjacent loops, taking-se, like this, less space.

Additional information

Number of frames

For 8 frames, for 9 frames, for 10 frames

Frames and wax

With frames and wax, with pictures, without wax, No frames