ventilated beekeeper in fact, double cloth

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Product description

Full beekeeper indeed, ventilated, 100% cotton double cloth, very tough, with round hat.

This fact, currently in its sixth generation, It was designed with input from TimberBee, having been, for us, tested and tested again, in the apiary and beyond, having passed all tests that We subjected. Approved, with distinction for hundreds of Portuguese beekeepers!

It's practical, resistant, It offers very good protection, relation to stings of bees (and wasps-Asian), It is easy to dress and undress and, Above all, quite comfortable. Probably the best quality / price ratio in the domestic market.

This is the fact that team, currently, several teams to combat Asian wasp.

available: XS, S, M, L, XL e XXL.


  • Fact 100% in double cotton cloth;
  • Ventilation in the back, chest and shoulders;
  • Padded shoulders and shoulder blades;
  • Adjustable waist;
  • Two pockets for carrying tools and other objects;
  • Mask fairly thick and sturdy cotton hat, fixed by the fact resistant zip-fasteners, with rings, e Velcro;
  • Veil black resistant to sparks;
  • reinforced knees with knee pads;
  • elastic cuffs;
  • elastic ankles, zippered, for easy placement and removal;
  • Resistant zip-fasteners;
  • Front-zip fasteners dual direction;
  • elastic band for thumb, to pull the sleeve toward the hand (for easier donning gloves);
  • elastic band under the foot, to pull the leg towards the floor;
  • Weight: 2,100 Kg.

Note: XXXL and XS sizes available on request.


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XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL