hives TimberBee

Each hive is TimberBee, at the same time, a well thought out product design, and a piece of craftsmanship and, as such, unlike any other. It is a product designed to work and generate quality of life for bees and beekeepers. Furthermore, TimberBee the hives are hives sexy, beautifuls, appealing! Hives that awaken us […]

Advanced Beekeeping workshop with Harald Hafner

At where: When in Paredes: 30 of April (Thursday, in the evening); 1 May (Friday – holiday) e 2 May (Saturday) of 2015 With whom: With the Master Beekeeper Austrian Harald Hafner Contents: New trends in European beekeeping; read and interpret the hive, identify problems and solve them; Innovative methods in the control of Varroa destructor. For […]

Buy with a Friend!

  Do not assume the cost of shipping your TimberBee hive alone! The selection of the carrier to deliver our hives at home was a long and careful process, which led us to formalize the contract with the most effective carriers of the country, at very competitive rates, face competition. Even so, the cost of transport of any […]

Campaign for bees and other pollinators

  Bees are amazing animals - not only play a key role in our ecosystem, They are one of the most complex and sophisticated living things in the history of evolution. A bee can only do not achieve much, but, bees collectively make it a powerful and vital force, responsible for pollinating nearly 75% the grown foods […]